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Group Class ---6 week class that meets every week for 1 hour.  

Individual Training-  one-on-one traning that can be booked according to your schedule.  6 weekly 30 min sessions.           

During puppy class we will be introducing basic obedience concepts like:

  • leash walking, sit, down, stay, come, and park-it
  • practicing positive socialization 
  • beginning the “leave it” and “drop” commands
  • acceptable grooming behaviors
  • appropriate reactions to distractions
  • encouraging good play skills with other dogs
  • engage in team building games and exercises

Owner Training

  • Effective Steps to Potty Training
  • Grooming and Health education
  • Skills to assist puppy development

Sacramento Pet Resort's Puppy Training is an exciting program designed to get dog owners and their new puppies off to a great start by providing fundamental training so their new family members can integrate into the home.

With our Puppy Training classes get your puppy started with good manners and behaviors before bad habits are formed.

For Dogs less than 1 year , ideally no older than 6 months.

Puppy Training