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Pet Resort & Spa

Where Pampered Pets Play & Stay!

Dog Daycare

We offer the ultimate day  experience for your dog or cat.  Sacramento Pet Resort specializes in Dog Daycare for all types of dogs. 

Our attentive staff is passionate about pets and will go the extra mile to ensure that your pet has a safe and enjoyable day with us.  We even have private play for dogs that might be shy or don't "play well" with other dogs.

Cat Boarding

At Sacramento Pet Resort we offer luxury cat boarding. Our feline guests enjoy their own private two level Luxury Cat Condo, as well as, daily free roam in our exclusive cat room with climbing trees, scratchers, and window hammocks.

Luxury Dog Boarding

When you have to travel or need overnight dog boarding for your four-legged family member,  give your pet the ultimate vacation at our all-inclusive pet resort in Sacramento. 

Premium Dog Daycare, Pet Boarding & Grooming Services in Sacramento